AV Equipment - Lower Level of Basilica


  1. Plug the mic into the wall socket (if the mic is locked in the closet next to the socket, a Basilica staff member can let you in).
  2. Turn the audio rack in the bride’s room (double doors on the south wall)


The projector here in the lower level is equipped with the HDMI cable hook up in the wall socket.

It’s very simple to use your computer with the projector. 

  1. Turn the projector on
  2. plug in your computer with the HDMI plug on the wall (cable provided)
  3. Turn the audio rack in the bride’s room (double doors on the south wall)

The projector should select your computer automatically. If it doesn’t, press the select button on the projector until it does. 

If you don’t have sound through the big speakers it’s because your computer doesn’t have a driver that supports sound through HDMI.

To remedy, use the small audio cable (also on the wall socket) and plug in to the headphone jack on your computer.

NOTES: The DVD player in the bride room on the audio rack functions like any other DVD player except that you have to select it on the projector if the projector doesn’t automatically find it when you turn it on.

The only deal breaker is that the projector is HDMI only. The older types of plugs (VGA, etc.) no longer work.

Last but not least, please remember to leave the cables plugged into the wall for the next person.